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ABOUT the Vancouver AIDS WALK

BC’s first AIDS WALK was held in Vancouver in 1986 at a time when people were dying from the disease. Thirty-three years later, a lot has changed, but we’re still walking to raise funds to support low income folks living with HIV in BC every day.

There are an estimated 15,000 people living with HIV in BC. In 2015, there were approximately a dozen new cases diagnosed each month. Half of those newly diagnosed cases are found in the Lower Mainland, and half are men who have sex with men. (SOURCE: BC Centre for Disease Control, HIV Annual Report 2015). These stats make it clear: HIV has not gone away.

The Vancouver AIDS WALK is organized by the Positive Living Society of British Columbia. Founded in 1986 under the name BC Persons with AIDS Society, our organization was created by a group of people living with HIV to help empower themselves and others like them.

Today, Positive Living BC offers many vital support programs and services that benefit the lives of people living with HIV in BC. To learn more about Positive Living BC’s work, click this link.

Your IMPACT: The Community Health Fund

All proceeds of the 2018 Vancouver AIDS WALK go directly to low income people living with HIV in BC through the Community Health Fund (CHF). The CHF is a fund accessed by low income people living with HIV in BC to assist in covering costs associated with living with HIV. To learn more about the Community Health Fund, such as who qualifies to access it and what it covers, click here.

Your decision to get involved with the Vancouver AIDS WALK directly benefits low income people living with HIV in BC – Your donations make a difference!!

Life with HIV isn’t easy. A lot has changed, but stigma, social isolation, and additional financial expenses associated with living with the virus have not gone away. That’s why we’re still walking after 30 years – Join us now!

An HIV diagnosis is life changing, but it shouldn’t be life ending. Support the Vancouver AIDS WALK today and help low income people living with HIV in your community.

WALK with us on September 23rd, for strength, for health, and for life.